Carson Brown: Archery Skills

                    Echo Archery

          Adam LaRue and Sarah Bobertz:

               Cattail Weaving, Baby Zone                                

Sharpening Stone         

          Benjamin Pixie: Bark Tan Salmon,

                               Bee Magick

                             Benjamin's Blog

          Anthony "Twig" Wheeler:

     Somatic Experience, Cattail Dolls


Saskatoon Circle

Instructors and Classes 2017

Our instructors and the classes they offer are the heartbeat of Saskatoon Circle.

We strive to bring together the most knowlegable, committed, and passionate teachers in the modern primitive skills movement. With such a diverse range of skills and experiences, our teacher community is a tremendous resource for learning to live closer to the Earth.

I would also like to recognize the many skills and gifts brought by our amazing students!

The following is a list of classes and instructors from the 2017 gathering. New teachers will be posted as we get closer to SC2018. There is always ebb and flow, so the actual class schedule will not be posted until we are on site for the gathering.

I have also posted website and contact info for those that have it so you can explore the instructors work before the gathering!

Get Excited!

             Nicole Apelian: Herbal medicine,

           Salve Making, ALONE Show Talk


                  Alan Kay: Fire, Shelter,

                    ALONE Show Talk

                               Alan's Bio     

             Jenna Rudolph: Wellness Center, Herbal Medicine

The Wilderness Living Project

      Alexander and Epona Heathen:

Horse Demo, Sheep Hide tanning, Leather embellishment

The Heathen Family Etsy

               Sugi: Animal Processing

          Qwalen: Animal Processing

               Karie Lee:  Braintanning

          Lynx Vilden: Stone Age Living

                               Living Wild

Finisia Medrano: Wildtending

Food freedom of the First Foods GoFundMe and Biography

Harmony Cronin :

Gifts of the Wild Buffalo       

Natalia Robinson:

Fiber Arts for Kid's Camp!

Feral Felt

  Tobias Corwin: Copper Forging

and Tufa Silver Casting

Jared Lanz: Upper Missourie Style

Quillwork and Beadwork

Instructors!  If I got something wrong, or you don't like what I wrote, or you want a different picture up, let me know and I'll fix it!

Love You!

This site always under construction!

Kristi Dranginis:

Bird Language

               Vicki Hillstrom: Felting

                        Matt McKinney:

                    Youth Skills Camp!

   Canada Jim:

          Weapons, Caveman Skills,  Knapping and Napping

Callie Russell:

Wild Rice Processing, Lacto-Fermentation/Sauerkraut

Erin Fahey:

Willow Pack Baskets

Aqanaq Kostenborder:

Willow Pack Baskets

Photo Credit: Joshua Sage

Photo Credit: Matt Hamon

Photo Credit: Kiliii Fish

Photo Credit: Cliff Volpe

Photo Credit: Cliff Volpe

Photo Credit: Matt Hamon

Photo Credit: Gary Ott

Photo Credit: Gary Ott

Dan Nanamkin:

Stories From Standing Rock

Tom Prang: Flintknapping

and Archaeology Demonstrations

      Nate Bacon: Tracking and Trailing

Photo Credit: Gary Ott

Laura Dominguez de Halter:

Guatemalan Backstrap Loom Weaving